Brand Recognition

Having your brand’s name recognized increases product awareness and builds customer loyalty. Branded merchandise is a powerful tool you can utilize to make that happen.

At GRG, we look at branded merchandise a little differently.  We specialize not only in sourcing millions of branded merchandise items and promotional products helping to create the identity and strategy that goes with those branded merchandise ideas.

How do we do that?  Well, creating great looking web stores is just the first step.  The secret sauce is our propriety project management portals.   We custom build these ( All A+ Rated for Security) based on our client’s needs.  Whether you want to manage just a few locations to thousands, we give you’re the analytical tools to make data driven decisions.

Looking for Appreciation Gift Programs or Product Launch Kits? We specialize in that, along with  warehousing and fulfillment to make your complete.

Promotional Products Search Engine

Need help with ideas?  Our branded merchandise and promotional products search engine website has millions of ideas to choose from along with photos and pricing.   Have a more complex branded merchandise program or requirement, let one of our team members to help you identify the story you want your brand to tell. Then easily choose from high quality items to customize with your company’s logo or work with our team to simplify the process for a beautiful unique gift.

Small or large, custom imported or domestic goods – we do it all!

  • Awards and Recognition
  • Tradeshow & Event Giveaways
  • Corporate Apparel
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Domestic and Overseas Sourcing
  • Program Management
  • Data Insights



Direct Overseas Sourcing

To keep costs inline, our overseas sourcing division works directly with our overseas based factories and representatives on larger based branded merchandise and promotional product programs.  These direct overseas sourcing relationships allow us to offer our clients a multitude of production capabilities to fit their specifications at the best price.  Our overseas based representatives will also do production approvals and quality control applications.

The #1 advantage of direct overseas production is pricing.  Of course there are other advantages such as;

  • Certain technologies that exist in the branded merchandise field that are not done domestically.
  • Manufacturing capabilities that may not exist domestically
  • Raw materials that may not exist domestically

However, there are some dis-advantages for overseas sourcing;

  • Timing – Usually will take longer to produce and receive.
  • Cannot have a made in USA tag
  • Rules and Regulations that may differ from domestically.

Fortunately, GRG is well versed with over 30 years experience working in the branded merchandise  field.

  • Branded Marketing
  • Branded Merchandising
  • Branded Merchandising Ideas
  • Low Cost promotional Products
  • Project management and Promotional products
  • Project Management and Branded Merchandise
  • Web Stores
  • Branded Merchandise analytics
  • Promotional products analytics
  • Logistics and fulfillment
  • Warehousing
  • Third party fulfillment