Designing Silverado-Sized Display Boxes!


We’re all familiar with Amazon packages showing up at our door. We wait in anticipation for our newest orders and we recognize those boxes. But have you ever received one big enough to take up all the space in the back of a 2019 Silverado?

That’s what Graphic Resource Group was tasked to do … design that massive custom box!

General Motors partnered with Amazon on a promotion to send custom boxes promoting the new Silverado to households who purchased from the online retailer.  To highlight the program, our client wanted a large display to fit in the back of the Silverado at their corporate headquarters.


Our design team got to work! They took measurements and referenced the client’s artwork to design a 66.5” long x 61” wide x 52” tall wooden box. We digitally printed hi-resolution graphics for it to create an eye-catching display.


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