Project Description

Ally Financial, and their advertising agency, Duffey Petrosky came up with the idea to create an auto related, one of a kind lamp as a gift to recognize the 57 finalists for the “TIME Dealer of the Year” award. This award is given to the nation’s most successful auto dealers who also demonstrate a long-standing commitment to community service. However, how do you make 57 uniquely individual lamps?

GRG took an idea and creatively engineered and produced a product that not only honored the recipient, but also honored the auto industry. Using old gear and drive train parts, we scrubbed, cleaned and then welded the parts to create the stems of lamp fixtures. The electrical was installed and lamp shades put on to create these unique gifts. What makes this extra special, is that there are no two alike. GRG also handled the fulfillment to all the recipients.

These awards were incredibly well received by Ally Financial, Duffey Petrosky and the winners. GRG was able to take a great idea, turn it into reality and on budget. Let us help in your next challenge.