Graphic Resource Group was asked to wrap columns within stores of a retail chain to market products and allow them to sell advertising space.

But this task had many variables to consider because not all columns are alike! We needed to consider:

-Different column shapes (some round, some square)

-Different column sizes

-Different column materials (some metal, some concrete)

-Not to mention certain columns have phone lines and fire extinguishers! Also well as the wear and tear from dust and grime.

Through two years of experimentation, innovation, and testing, Graphic Resource Group came up with a new concept! It’s unlike anything on the market and we had it patented.

Our Universal Column Display fits on any column from 10″ to 30″, round or square, metal or concrete and holds four snap frame sign holders for 360° visibility. They are also very easy to access and change. Perfect for advertisers!

Our system is easily installed with no damage to the columns and best of all allows for consistent signage at every store, regardless of the column construction. This is a tremendous cost saver by producing the same size signs instead of managing hundreds of different variables.

Now it allows retailers to generate additional revenue from space already in their stores!